Integrated Aviation Solutions

Integrated Aviation Solutions is a Software and Web Development Company established in 2015 and dedicated to developing solutions tailored to the needs of private enterprises and public bodies.
We are headquartered in Egypt with a partnership with, headquartered in Switzerland and supported by a solid network of offices and partners in Zurich and Beirut.
We design and implement solutions in leading companies and government institutions across the EMEA region, including customers in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Switzerland and UAE.

Our core competencies lie in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Document Archiving & Document Management, Wealth Management, Online Trading, Online Banking, E-Commerce, Web Design, and Mobile Applications. Throughout the years, we have established solid know-how across many industries such as Financial Markets & Banking, Manufacturing, Newspaper Publishing, Communication & Media, Healthcare, Aviation, Telecom, and many others.


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Our ready-made software products comprise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Document Archiving & Document Management, Online Trading, Wealth & Asset Management, Online Banking, Loan Management, and School Management.
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Integrated Aviation Solutions

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